Peep the speechless then ask yourself if that stutter is worth a shudder.

Face situations, but embrace only the bubbly.

The ugly, overlook such information.

Meditation is essential for introspection and knowledge of self.

On the shelf, should be thoughts of hate, envy and such things as vengeance.

What’s strange is, the sublime,

yet almost divine sensation that comes with hand-holding.

The word I’m molding, is just alphabets combined with punctuation.

Actualization is what it takes to achieve the word “HAPPY”.

Like a puppy, I smile through the agony that comes with canine shedding,

shading my happy from radiation and the sun’s scorch.

Of course it’s a cold world

but I know the code to the word “HAPPY”.


Witness the roofless then ask yourself if that shack is worth the fuss.

The first stride towards “HAPPY” is counting one’s own blessings.

Best things in life are free, most might disagree.

Most probably, it’s because your perception of best things is best material things.

Question is, does it call for cash to be grateful for that pulse?

Plus, pals are a treasure that only family may half the times surpass.

But the last supper as depicted by the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

reveals that;

even your trusted friend might offer your cheek a smack.

A smack would you reciprocate?

Receive my take;

I’d rather replenish the soils of friendship gone sour

with sprinkles of forgiveness.

The essence of happiness is letting the bygones be bygones.

A smirk can easily be equated to a smile.

Matter of fact, it’s defined as one.

Best way to sail through the seas of friendships,

regardless of authenticity is this;

Deliberately mistaking a smirk for a smile.

Break bread with the enemy and you never know,

they may flirt with guilt when they stick a knife on your back.

Of course it’s a cold world,

but above are some codes to the word “HAPPY”.