Scoping for the Silver Lining

Chances are an innocent soul has lost trial.
The flip side, doesn’t the identity of your loss speak for itself?
Chances are a twelve year old Brenda has got a baby.
The flip side, well…at least Brenda can bear a baby .
Chances are a mother has lost a righteous son to a stray slug.
The flip side, You Only Live Once is a lie.
Chances are a mark demarcated you from an A.
The flip side, the moon mightn’t be a star, but neither is she low.
Chances are divorce attorney slid the ring out her finger.
The flip side, pretty little Purity has mommy’s face.
Silver lining
Chances are the hit nerve was vital.
The flip side, beautiful pushed handicap down the isle anyway
Chances are someone’s HIV results are a positive.
The flip side, the kids aren’t infected.
Chances are a soul is three months away from breathless.
The flip side, the soul’s daughter is graduating in a fortnight
Chances are someone missed what was to be their first flight ever.
Chances are he died at 12:04 AM.
The flip side, he snapped out the comma for a minute to bury the hatchet.
Chances are my eldest brother never lived his dream.
The flip side…

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